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Dependable file storage services to enhance efficient business document and records management and digital image archiving at Your Space, India
Secure document storage and records management solutions for businesses at Your Space, India.
Benefits with
Document Management in Bengaluru
  • Protection of Sensitive Information: Secure storage protects your sensitive and confidential information.
  • Reduced Clutter and Space Optimization: Off-site storage frees up space in your office and reduces clutter.
  • Increased Efficiency and Accessibility: An organized management system increases efficiency and accessibility of your records.
  • Reduced Risk of Data Loss: Regular retrieval and destruction services reduce the risk of data loss and ensure compliance with legal requirements

Welcome to Your Space, the ultimate answer to all your document storage and records management worries. Whether you need document storage for business or personal use, Your Space has you covered. Our cutting-edge solutions guarantee secure and convenient storage for all your business documents. Our top-notch facilities ensure that your records stay organized and protected, giving you peace of mind. With our secure document storage, file storage, and records management services, you can trust that your documents will always be safe. Don’t wait, switch to Your Space for the perfect solution to all your document storage and records management needs today and experience the ease of managing your important documents.

How safe are your documents ?
Natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.):10%
Theft or burglary20%
Damage due to mishandling or improper storage15%
Human error (such as accidentally misplacing documents)25%
Lack of space5%
Pests and vermin10%
Mismanagement of documents5%
Sabotage or intentional damage10%


The risk of not being able to retrieve old documents correctly and on time poses a significant threat, with potential penalties from statutory and regulatory authorities such as SEBI, RBI, IRDA, income tax, sales tax, service tax, RTI, etc. There are numerous causes that can contribute to this risk, including natural disasters like floods and fires, theft or burglary, damage due to mishandling or improper storage, human error like accidentally misplacing documents, lack of space, pests and vermin, mismanagement of documents, and even sabotage or intentional damage. By taking the necessary steps to ensure that documents are stored securely and retrieved quickly, you can safeguard your business from the costly consequences of not being able to find the documents you need when you need them.


At Your Space, we understand the importance of protecting physical documents, so we strive to provide secure and well-maintained storage facilities. Our comprehensive document management process, regular inspections and maintenance, and staff training in the best practices of document handling and storage are designed to reduce risks and keep your documents safe. Plus, our advanced facilities feature fire safety equipment, pest control, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance – ensuring that your documents are always secure. By entrusting your documents to Your Space, you can rest assured knowing that they are safeguarded and compliant with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

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Our Services
Off-site media storage

Safe and reliable storage for backup tapes, CDs, hard drives, and other electronic media.

Strong room storage

Secure, vault-like storage for confidential documents with our advanced security measures.

Customized solutions

Tailored workflows for sensitive documents that ensure compliance and provide data security.

Consulting & risk management

Professional assessments of your records management needs and expert advice on how to maintain compliance with regulations.

In-house records management

Customized solutions to manage, label and store records while adhering to industry regulations and legal requirements.

Records management software

Web-based applications for efficient tracking, comprehensive management, and detailed reporting on the status of records

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Secure Storage Facilities

Climate-controlled and safeguarded storage units to keep your documents safe.

Flexible Storage Options

Select from short and long-term storage solutions tailored to your requirements.

Organized Document Management System

A structured approach to help keep your records orderly and easily accessible.

Regular Retrieval and Destruction Services

Regular retrieval & destruction services to help ensure your records are kept current.